Sunday, January 17, 2010

Edward Rose + Vetiver Oil

I am working on a lovely combination of subtle and sweet Edward Rose essential oil from Rajasthan combined with cooling and grounding Vetiver root from Madagascar for our new fragrance line Puja...stop by the website!

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  1. Lovely if we can smell the real fragrances...I love the natural elements in any body lotions and haircare which is very much missing these days as the products are full of chemicals.

  2. or my favorite,

  3. thank you! that's the Motia Attar, also known as Jasmine...swoon worthy. Stay tuned for more releases as I write them up:

    Edward Rose + Vetiver
    Saffron Attar (creamy and spicy, perfect in the winter)
    Vetiver + Mitti Attar (Mitti is baked earth)
    Vintage Patchouli Leaf
    Rare Sandalwood from Tamil Nadu
    Vetiver essential oil
    Kewda Attar
    Parijata Attar
    Night Queen Attar (possibly one of the last batches)
    ..and the list will continue to grow and evolve as we do!

  4. I love organic cosmetics, It's a great news that all companies going organic these days.