Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mitti Attar

Monsoon Rain. So vital for life, offered by the creation spirits of the skies, the first droplets of water hit the earth after a long, blisteringly hot summer...

Mitti Attar is the ancient and elemental perfume of the earth.

As the first monsoon droplets hit the fissured and cracked earth, as gritty dust and rain water mingle to produce the "fluidum vitale" a perfume is composed; earth and water elements combine to create a primordial mixture that infuses the warm air with a soft, soothing scent: earthy and strangely exotic.

Mitti Attar is baked earth from the Ganges River hydro-distilled in to pure sandalwood oil. It is the scent of the earth and expresses a grounded physicality: this is a smell with depth and nuance. It's a wonderful fragrance for men.
On men and women alike, Mitti Attar bestows therapeutic benefits and encourages expansive and rhythmic breathing, restoring a sense of deep and abiding calm that revitalizes the nervous system.

As an attar penetrates into the skin, your own personal chemistry will transform the fragrance and as the oils warm and evolve, unfolding over time, they become a singularly individual fragrance, no natural attar smells the same on anyone else.
In Ayurveda, the ancient medical system of India, attars are reported to have therapeutic health benefits, and it is safe, even suggested to reapply attars through the day.

May the divine presence in this oil calm your mind, soothe your spirits and quiet your heart.

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  1. Hi Evan

    I currently use the blue cleansing milk mixed with the green tea clay once a week in the shower. Would it be ok to let that that sit on my face for 5 or 6 minutes to get a deeper cleansing effect?


  2. hi anon,

    Yes no problem, doing this won't 'hurt' your skin, but do make sure you use a few dribbles of water to create a creamy-consistency of the combination of Cleanser + Clay...Then you can let it sit for anywhere from 3-5 minutes (if you leave it on longer, no problem)..thanks for your question...Spray with Facial Tonic and moisturize after!

  3. Hi Evan

    LOVE your rock rose tonic! If i knew it would run out so quick i would have bought it all : ) Any idea when it be available again? Thanks!


  4. Glad to hear that you like it... And yes, it will be available again and asap too, because I love it so i will make sure we have a steady supply!
    We will list it as soon as it comes in..thanks for your words of support.
    - evan